Commentators and presenters

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The list below is not exhaustive, and will be added to.

Vijay Armitraj

Former Indian tennis player, commentates on Wimbledon for the BBC.

Tracey Austin

American, former world number one tennis player, contributor to BBC's Wimbledon coverage and occasional commentator.

Jamie Baker

Retired British tennis player, has appeared on the BBC's Davis Cup coverage

Clare Balding

BBC Sport and BT Sport presenter across a range of sports.

Presenter of the BBC's Today at Wimbledon and Wimbledon wheelchair tennis finals, deputy anchor of Wimbledon and presenter of the BBC's Eastbourne coverage.

Clare was a presenter of BT Sport's coverage of Fed Cup and WTA Finals up to 2019.

Sue Barker

Former British number one and French Open champion, main presenter of BBC's tennis coverage including Wimbledon since 1993 having previously worked at Channel 7 in Australia and Sky Sports.

Boris Becker

6 time grand slam champion, contributes and co-commentates for the BBC and Eurosport at Grand Slams.

Chris Bowers

Tennis historian and journalist has commentated for Eurosport and the BBC.

Chris Bradnam

Main tennis commentator for Eurosport and BT Sport, has also commentated on Davis Cup for the BBC.

Naomi Broady

Current British tennis player who has contributed on Eurosport and co-commentated on BBC Radio.

Pictured with Catherine Whitaker.

Marcus Buckland

Was the main presenter of tennis coverage at Sky Sports, now works for Amazon Prime Video.

Pictured with Jamie Delgado and Miles Maclagan.

James Burridge

BBC Sport presenter commentates at Wimbledon.

Andrew Castle

Sorry, Andrew, we couldn't resist the picture.

Andrew Castle is the BBC's main tennis commentator and is often heard on big matches at Wimbledon and at the ATP Finals. He has also presented qualifying from Wimbledon for the tournament's channel, and has done commentary for Eurosport in the past.

Andrew presented morning show GMTV between 2000 and 2010. He has shows on Smooth Radio and LBC.

Mary Carillo

Stalwart of American tennis commentary, Mary Carillo joined Amazon Prime's coverage of the US Open in 2019.

Pat Cash

Former Australian tennis player, contributes to Eurosport's coverage at the Australian Open and at Roland Garros.

Mike Cation

American commentator on the ATP Challenger circuit, also found commentating on US Open radio and court streams.

Naomi Cavaday

British former tennis player, now commentates on the ATP and WTA world feeds and therefore often heard on Amazon Prime Video.

Matt Chilton

Commentates for the BBC at Wimbledon and Eurosport on tennis and wintersports.

Kim Clijsters

Belgian tennis player, has been in the Eurosport and BBC commentary boxes at grand slams

Jimmy Connors

American former world number one, has co-commentated at the US Open for Amazon Prime Video.

Andrew Cotter

Scottish BBC Sport commentator, often heard on big matches at Wimbledon and Queen's.

Barry Cowan

British former tennis player, used to work at Sky Sports, now commentates on BT Sport and Amazon Prime as of 2019.

Errol Creary

Heard on the ATP world feed.

Annabel Croft

Former British number one, presents and commentates for the BBC, Eurosport and Amazon Prime Video. Previously worked for Sky Sports and BT Sport. Annabel is the on-court interviewer at the ATP Finals and WTA Nottingham among others.

Rob Curling

Former Eurosport presenter, does the on-court interviews at Queen's.

Jo Durie

Former British number one, usually heard on Eurosport at the Grand Slams and was on BT Sport's tennis coverage until 2019.

Pictured with Catherine Whitaker.

Catherine Downes

BBC Sport presenter, anchors their highlights of the Australian Open and reports for BBC Breakfast and the BBC News Channel.

Chris Egerton

Freelance commentator heard on the BBC's Wimbledon coverage.

Chris Evert

American winner of 18 Grand Slams, works for ESPN and contributes to the BBC's Wimbledon coverage.

Adam Fielder

Commentator on Eurosport and BT Sport.

Colin Fleming

Scottish doubles specialist often heard on ATP tour commentary.

Peter Fleming

Ameican former tennis player, was often heard on Sky Sports and is part of ITV's commentary team at the French Open.

Russell Fuller

The BBC's tennis correspondent who presents and commentates on BBC Radio.

Jason Goodall

Tennis commentator on the ATP world feed and at the Laver Cup.

Paul Hand

Tennis commentator occasionally heard on WTA world feed and Eurosport during grand slams.

Daniela Hantuchova

Former world number 5, works as a commentator and analyst at Amazon Prime Video.

Tim Henman

Former British number one who co-commentates for the BBC at Wimbledon and in 2019 joined Amazon Prime's team at the US Open.

Celina Hinchcliffe

ITV Sport reporter who works on their coverage of the French Open.

John Inverdale

BBC Sport commentator, also anchors ITV's French Open coverage. Previously presented the BBC's Eastbourne coverage and Today at Wimbledon.

Anne Keothavong

British Fed Cup captain and former player who commentated for BT Sport until 2019.

Robbie Koenig

South African tennis commentator who having previously worked for the ATP world feed for years, is now found on Amazon Prime Video.

Pictured with Jason Goodall.

Richard Krajicek

Dutch Wimbledon winner, contributes on BBC Radio coverage at grand slams.

David Law

BT Sport commentator until 2019, commentator on BBC Radio at grand slams, and co-presents the Tennis Podcast with Catherine Whitaker.

Pictured with Gigi Salmon.

Nick Lester

ATP tennis commentator heard on Amazon Prime Video.

John Lloyd

Former tennis player, now commentates for the BBC.

Dan Lobb

Former tennis player, commentates for the BBC at Wimbledon.

Martina Navratilova

Czech-born American winner of 18 grand slams. Contributor and commentator for the BBC at Wimbledon and at BT Sport until 2019.

Miles Maclagan

Commentator and contributor at Eurosport and formerly at Sky Sports.

Marion Bartoli

French, former Wimbledon champion, commentator and contributor for Eurosport and ITV.

John McEnroe

American former tennis player, commentates and contributes for the BBC at Wimbledon, and for Eurosport at Grand Slams; he is Eurosport's "Commissioner of Tennis".

Ronald McIntosh

BBC Sport commentator heard at Wimbledon. Commentated on the record-breaking Isner v Mahut match of 2010.

David Mercer

Has commentated for the BBC since 1992, and has been heard on Eurosport and BT Sport since. He is a former tennis umpire.

Barry Millns

Former Sky Sports commentator now works on the ATP world feed.

Nick Mullins

Main commentator for the French Open at ITV, also heard on the BBC at Wimbledon.

Pete Odgers

Former player heard mainly on the WTA world feed but also works on the ATP.

Arvind Parmer

Works on ATP world feed commentary, also heard on Amazon Prime Video and Eurosport.

Mikey Perera

Commentates on ATP and WTA world feeds.

Louise Pleming

Australian former tennis player heard on court streams at grand slams.

Mark Petchey

Former tennis player and coach to Andy Murray, Mark Petchey was the main commentator for Sky Sports and moved to Amazon Prime Video for their US Open coverage in 2018.

He is heard on court feeds and as the on-court interviewer at the Australian Open and Laver Cup. "Petch" also commentates on ITV's coverage of the French Open and on the BBC at Wimbledon.

Mary Pierce

Retired French-representing tennis player who has commentated for Eurosport at the French Open and US Open.

Pictured with Catherine Whitaker.

Simon Reed

Long time commentator on many sports at Eurosport, he is one of their lead commentators at grand slams.

Laura Robson

Former top-30 and still current tennis player, has co-commentated for BT Sport on WTA and Fed Cup matches.

Chanda Rubin

Retired American tennis player, a commentator and contributor for the BBC at Wimbledon.

Greg Rusedski

Canadian turned Brit, former player, was one of Eurosport's main contributors. Has commentated for the BBC and now mainly works at Amazon Prime Video, known for his catchphrase, "exactly so".

Pictured with Annabel Croft and Rob Curling.

Fabrice Santoro

French former tennis player, commentates for ITV at the French Open.

Gigi Salmon

Commentator for BBC Radio at grand slams, also works on ATP Radio and Davis Cup.

Barbara Schett-Eagle

Austrian former tennis player, presenter and interviewer at Eurosport including on the highlights programme "Game Schett and Mats" with Mats Wilander. Barbara has also has hosted coverage of the Laver Cup.

Pictured with Todd Woodbridge,

Lei Shiras

American former tennis player, commentated for Sky Sports.

Nigel Sears

British tennis coach, commentated with BT Sport on WTA and Fed Cup.

Matt Smith

Main presenter of Eurosport's tennis coverage at the Australian Open and French Open.

Sam Smith

British former tennis player, works as a presenter and commentator at Amazon Prime Video, previously at BT Sport. On-court interviewer at the Australian Open.

Liz Smylie

Retired Australian tennis player, commentates for the BBC at Wimbledon.

Mel South

British former tennis player, heard on the BBC at Wimbledon.

Jeff Tarango

American former tennis player who contributes and co-commentates on BBC Radio at grand slams.

Sue Thearle

Former BBC Sport presenter, these days heard on WTA and ATP world feeds.

Richard Vaughan

Commentator at Eurosport, often also on wintersports and is the voice of the channel's promos.

Virginia Wade

British three-time grand slam champion, "Ginny" has commentated for the BBC and Eurosport and most recently was heard on US Open court feeds.

Mats Wilander

Swedish former world number one. Presenter and commentator at Eurosport for flagship matches and the highlights show Game Schett and Mats alongside Barbara Schett-Eagle.

Catherine Whitaker

Main presenter of Amazon Prime Video's tennis coverage at grand slams and Masters events, has presented for Eurosport and commentated for the WTA world feed. Co-presents The Tennis Podcast with David Law.

Todd Woodbridge

Former Australian tennis player, has commentated on the BBC at Wimbledon and on the Laver Cup.

Mark Woodforde

Long time doubles partner of Todd Woodbridge, commentates on Australian television and co-commentates on BBC Radio at grand slams.

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