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What we know about Sky Sports' tennis coverage in 2024

With Sky Sports taking over the rights to the ATP and WTA tours, here's what we know so far about their tennis coverage in 2024.

For a quick summary of all broadcasting rights holders see the Broadcasters page.

What tennis will Sky Sports be showing in 2024?

Sky Sports have the UK and Ireland broadcast rights for the US Open in a 5-year deal from 2023 to 2027, and the ATP and WTA tours in a 5-year deal from 2024 to 2028. 

How did Sky win the rights to show tennis from Prime Video?

It's not known how much Sky bid for the rights or whether there was any competition from other broadcasters. Sky's ATP and WTA deal includes the rights in Italy and the German-speaking market, where it operates subscription TV platforms like in the UK.

It has been reported that Amazon Prime Video weren't interested in renewing the rights they had, and did not put in a bid to do so. Prime Video never revealed their viewing figures for tennis coverage.

Will Sky Sports be showing all ATP and WTA events at all levels?

Sky Sports' coverage of the ATP and WTA tours includes all 250, 500 and 1000-level events, and year-end Finals on both tours, which is more than 80 tournaments. 

The rights exclude domestic tournaments, so don't include the British grass court events before Wimbledon. 

Will Sky Sports have all-court coverage of their tournaments?

It's expected that Sky Sports will have all-court coverage of all tournaments across its linear channels, streaming services (Sky Q, Glass and Stream) and Sky Sports app. On Now TV, bonus channel coverage may be device-dependant as it was with the US Open 2023.

All-court coverage is dependant on the coverage being made available by the tour; in the past only show court singles at ATP 250 events have been made available to broadcasters and there is no indication that this will change.

Not having all-court coverage would be a significant step back from Prime Video's coverage and it would be disappointing if the tours had agreed a broadcast deal with less coverage.

Is Sky Sports' US Open coverage in 2023 any indication of how they will cover the tours?

Yes, for the big 1000-level tournaments expect studio and on-site coverage like at the US Open, with familiar presenters and pundits. For smaller tournaments expect the world feed coverage to be used, like Prime Video did. 

Sky insiders have indicated that some changes to their tennis coverage may be made following feedback during their coverage of the US Open, but no details have been shared about what this might be.

Will replays and highlights be available on Sky Sports?

Sky's US Open coverage had limited replays and highlights available on demand and on their linear channels. For example, matches played during the night were repeated on the same channel during the following day, along with a daily highlights programme.

Sky haven't confirmed anything other than selected highlights being made available for the ATP and WTA Tour coverage, which may mean they are limited to the world feed highlights programmes made by the tours. We won't really know an answer to this question until coverage starts in January.

Will there be a dedicated Sky Sports Tennis channel available?

Sky insiders tell us that there will be a dedicated Sky Sports Tennis channel in time for Indian Wells. It's not known whether this will be a brand new channel or replaces another channel. 

Until then, coverage of the ATP and WTA tours will be seen across existing Sky Sports channels.

How much will it cost to watch tennis on Sky Sports?

This very much depends on the platform that is used to watch Sky Sports on. Sky Sports is available on Sky platforms either as a long term deal or more expensive monthly rolling contract. It's also available on cable and broadband providers who offer TV services. Sky Sports can also be subscribed through Now TV. The prices for all of these subscriptions vary from time to time depending on offers available to new and existing customers. 

There is no indication that Sky Sports will make the dedicated Sky Sports Tennis channel available for subscription on its own.

One thing's for sure, for most people who don't already subscribe to Sky Sports it will be more expensive to watch tennis throughout the year when compared to cost of Prime Video's coverage.

Will the ATP Tour be available on Tennis TV still?

Yes, Tennis TV have confirmed no changes to their services, so Tennis TV will continue to be available to watch the ATP Tour in the UK.

Will the WTA Tour be available on WTA TV?

WTA TV hasn't been available in the UK while Prime Video have held the broadcast rights. This is the same situation in other countries where new rights deals have been made recently, and is not expected to change.

Where will the other three grand slams be shown?

The Australian Open and Roland-Garros will be shown on Eurosport, with multi-court coverage on Discovery+. Wimbledon will continue to be shown on the BBC. None of this will change in the next three years.

Will Prime Video show any tennis at all from 2024 onwards?

Prime Video will continue to show UTR Pro Tennis Tour events worldwide. 

Discovery+ can be subscribed through Prime Video as an add-on, but it's not recommended as there is limited functionality compared to the widely available Discovery+ apps.

Where will the British grass tournaments be shown?

ATP tennis from Queen's and WTA tennis from Eastbourne continues to be shown on the BBC in 2024 in their current forms. There has been no information yet regarding rights for the other grass events which were shared between the BBC and Prime Video in 2021 to 2023.